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Catherine | English | 20

I listen to more music than is healthy, I'm fascinated with Asia and I'm a UKC Student.

"Adventures make one late for dinner"

My university blog

I’m already feeling sick from nerves about my blood test tomorrow

I also have to see a neurologist, and have a CT or MRI scan. 

Tomorrow morning I have a blood test for which I have to fast for 12 hours before. I have an intense fear of needles, but I’m kind of thinking not being able to eat for 12 hours is the worst part. 


lets talk about how dreamworks made a main character with a prosthetic limb. lets talk about how his best friend and his dads best friend also had fully functional prosthetics that weren’t made to look inconspicuous. let’s talk about how the females are all kick ass, but have the capacity to be human. let’s talk about how the only sexualized thing in how to train your dragon 2 was eret son of eret’s arms


One of my fav lines


I need you to tell me every day how you feel about me or I’ll think you magically lost all feelings for me in 24 hours

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Artist: Willow Smith vs. Panic! At the Disco
Album: zachsuxx/we-r-who-we-blow mashups
Track: I Whip Hair Not Tragedies
Plays: 624,934

Jacob and I just booked a holiday to Tenerife in September HOLY COW I AM SO EXCITED MY FIRST HOLIDAY WITH A BOY

saw how to train your dragon 2 today, it was wonderful


female privilege is feeling unsafe literally everywhere you go and men getting personally offended by you feeling unsafe